WIRE is a network of (mostly) women dedicated to getting more women into local leadership and willing to share their skills and experience.  


WIRE publicizes opportunities for elected and appointed positions to members to identify women might be interested in these roles.


WIRE recruits and encourages women to pursue public service opportunities.  


WIRE helps elect or appoint women with support and resources like mentors and workshops.  

WIRE is with candidates every step of the way!


Candidate Workshops

WIRE hosts events, workshops and networking opportunities that offer a wealth of campaign knowledge and experience to help women run the best campaigns possible. Candidates can learn effective strategies for campaign planning, fundraising, marketing, and social media while interacting on a personal level with elected officeholders and each other. 

Community Workshops

WIRE hosts events in San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties to inform and encourage women to run for elected office or to seek appointment to a local government commission. At these events, experienced office holders share their personal stories and inspire other women to serve in public office.


The WIRE Mentor Program is a key component of our network of resources. Volunteer Mentors are available to help candidates on a one-to-one basis on subjects such as how to write a campaign plan, how to raise funds, how to get the candidate’s message out to voters, and other crucial skills.

The Mentor Process is Simple

WIRE acts as a clearinghouse for connecting candidates with mentors. Candidates make specific requests for assistance by using the WIRE Candidate Questionnaire, and then mentors who possess the requested expertise are matched individually with candidates to assist them. The service is free to candidates. 

WIRE Mentors help candidates organize an effective campaign & offer assistance in:


  • Campaign Planning

  • Campaign Materials

  • Endorsements: How to get them & how to use them 

  • Fundraising

  • Public Speaking

  • Policy Research

  • Social Media

  • Tech issues & website design

  • School Board Issues


How the Mentor Process Works

  • Candidate contacts WIRE info@wireforwomen.com requesting help

  • Candidate completes a Candidate Questionnaire which provides details on the Candidate, who she is, what she is running for, why she is running, help needed, etc.

  • The Candidate’s Questionnaire is shared with a Mentor who has the requisite skill. Then the Candidate and Mentor meet and together they determine how best to organize their relationship going forward.


WIRE for Women created a Speakers Bureau to tell our story to the community at large. Board members reach out and accept invitations from many political clubs, women’s organizations, and community groups. It is a pleasure and an honor for us to inform the public about WIRE and our mission and vision to see more women elected and appointed to public service positions in San Mateo and Santa Counties and the services we provide to candidates. We hope the Speakers Bureau work helps us to recruit candidates and volunteers to assist in accomplishing our mission. 


Some of the groups where we have spoken include:  League of Women Voters, Dem Fems, American Association of University Women, Palo Alto Rotary Cub, Menlo Park Library, IGNITE, PEO (Philanthropic Educational Organization), Asian Pacific American Democratic Club, and San Mateo County Republican Central Committee. We were well received by these groups, there was positive affirmation of our goals and, in particular, our non-partisan nature.


The Speakers Bureau welcomes the opportunity to address other interested organizations in the future. If you or your organization is interested in working with WIRE, please contact info@wireforwomen.com