When Women Run - FiveThirtyEight (audio)

One hundred years after women were granted the right to vote, the U.S. has more women in political office than ever before. Yet gender has been a major theme of the 2020 campaign, as candidates, voters and the media debate whether a woman can win the presidency. To better understand what it’s really like to try and win an election as a woman, we (FiveThirtyEight) spoke to women from every state who have done it — 97 women in all.

These are their stories, in their words.

Topics include the following:

Chapter 1: Did Voters Ask You Gendered Questions?

Chapter 2: Did Your Appearance Become An Issue?

Chapter 3: What’s The Worst Sexism You Experienced In Politics?

Chapter 4: In General, Are American Voters Sexist?

Chapter 5: How Did Media Talk About Your Gender?

Chapter 6: What Advice Would You Give To Women Running Today?

Listen or read these women's stories on FiveThirtyEight here.

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