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Podcast: The Future of Women in US Politics

From Prologued

In the season one finale of “Prologued,” historian Sarah Paxton looks back at what we have learned over the last seven episodes and also forward to what this means for the future of women in American politics.

"Last time, we ended our discussion of women in public office with an important question. As women’s participation and influence in American politics expanded to include all avenues of American policy, have women fulfilled the promises of previous generations and effected change in modern government? And if the role of women in public office continues to expand, what does the future of American women’s politics hold?

In this episode of “Prologued,” we analyze if the promise of women’s rights activists has come to fruition, and what we can learn from the last 200 years of women’s political history to better inform our present and future."

*[This podcast was produced by Origins: Current Events in Historical Perspective. Fair Observer is a media partner of Origins.]

Oct 12, 2020

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