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October 2019

Be the Change!  

Thanks for Getting In the Game!

WIRE's fall kick-off event on October 2, 2019 gathered a large crowd of 50+ people, including current, former and future elected officials, people considering seeking appointed and elected office and many more who want to help get more women into office. When this many women and allies unite in a common purpose, the energy is exceptional.

Many thanks to the panelists and participants who shared insights about opportunities for women to enter public office. Most importantly, we shared stories and ideas about how to help increase the number of women in appointed or elected office in Santa Clara and San Mateo counties.

So Now What?

If you are a candidate for office or know a women is planning to run for office:

  • Ask us about WIRE's Mentorship Program: One of WIRE's signature programs matches women candidates with volunteer mentors with expertise in fundraising, campaign planning and strategy, social media and communications. Each mentor works with a candidate to address her specific campaign needs. Mentors and candidates determine how much time is required - it can range from a single meeting to ongoing coaching throughout the campaign. Mentors will help candidates identify and leverage other WIRE resources.

  • WIRE has information to help you get started.

  • Join WIRE for future campaign focused events by contacting

If you are considering an appointed commission or board:

  • WIRE can help guide you through the process and give you helpful tips for your application.

  • WIRE can connect you with women currently serving on commissions and boards who can give you advice.

If you want to get involved in helping more women enter public office:

  • Volunteer to be a WIRE mentor and help candidates directly with their campaigns.

  • WIRE needs people who can help with marketing, technology, events and appointed and elected candidate support.

  • Tell your friends and community groups about WIRE and remind potential candidates that we're here to help.

  • Forward our newsletter to friends and follow us on social media. 

No Time to Help? Donate!

WIRE operates on a tiny budget, depending on Board Members and volunteers to deliver the vast majority of our work. But WIRE does need your financial support too. We have a streamlined operation and spend our tiny budget on programs like matching volunteers with women candidates who need their expertise, hosting events, printing, maintaining a website and related necessities. Please consider making a $100 or $50 donation today to help us help as many women candidates as possible.

Donate Now!

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