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February 2018

Updated: Aug 23, 2020

WIRE's Vision

WIRE envisions a world where a significantly larger number of women hold appointed and elected public office, bringing their unique experience and wisdom to focus on our community's greatest problems. We believe that better public policy decisions result when all segments of the community are fully represented. WIRE acts locally by identifying qualified female candidates in San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties, recruiting them to run for elective office or to apply for appointed office, and supporting their candidacies by providing them with a broad network of resources. We are committed to expanding women's representation in local government today. Join us!

WIRE Kicks-Off 2018!

WIRE held its 2018 kick-off meeting on January 11, 2018 at the home of Susan Hyatt. With over fifty women and men in attendance, including many candidates and appointed officeholders, the meeting represents a strong start for our organization this year. Board members outlined WIRE's mission, received input about how WIRE can continue to grow, and challenged volunteers to get involved immediately. WIRE is ideally situated to address a critical need in our community: providing information about open elected and appointed positions, enrolling an army to help recruit women for those roles, and encircling those women with the support they need to succeed.

Help Spread the Word about WIRE

We are building an army of people looking for women candidates and asking them to seek public office. You can help by telling your friends. So what is WIRE? WIRE is a non-partisan organization committed to significantly increasing the number of women in appointed and elected office in

Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties. WIRE provides information about available positions, recruits qualified female candidates for elected and appointed positions, and assists those candidates with a network of resources to help them achieve public office.

WIRE Board members are available to speak about our mission to groups in Santa Clara and San Mateo counties. If you know of a group who might like us to make a short presentation or if you'd like us to meet informally with a group of your friends, please email us.

Record Numbers of Women Running for Office in 2018

There is a surge of first-time female candidates running for offices big and small across the US. Time Magazine's cover article, entitled The Avengers, details the numbers and they are staggering: 80 women considering runs for Governor, female challengers to incumbent Congressmen is up 350% from 2016, and women are working to take leadership of city councils, school boards and local government across the country. The movement is about more than the midterms. It’s about how our national priorities would change if more women had a hand in shaping them. Read more.

Stepping Up in San Carlos

"If women lend their voices and vision to legislative and policy-making bodies, imagine how the world could be improved." That idea, and a belief that women can work together locally to create positive change, inspired Laura Parmer-Lohan to run for City Council in San Carlos this November. Laura, a marketing consultant and mother of two, has always had an interest in understanding the issues affecting the community, like housing and smart development.

Concerned that the values she and her family think are important were not being reflected adequately in politics, she decided she would take action. Similar to starting her own business, Laura found that launching her campaign was daunting at first. She took a She Should Run workshop and continued to gain confidence from her early successes, learn from mistakes, and build on her network through organizations like WIRE.

"So if you are thinking of running but you don’t resemble who is sitting on the dais, then you should run –– your community needs you."

Through its skills database, WIRE helps to match interested volunteers with campaigns seeking support. WIRE does not endorse candidates.

Boards and Commissions -- Is One Right for You?

Appointed board and commissions are an excellent way to be introduced to local politics and to start building your political network and resume. In Santa Clara and San Mateo counties, there are hundreds of appointed political positions advising on issues like Parks, Aging, Housing, Planning, Architecture, Utilities and many others.

WIRE can help you compile your application, network with other women who've applied for these political appointments and enhance your chances of success. Here are just a few examples of positions with immediate openings:

Palo Alto -- Human Relations, Library, Historic Resources, and Public Art

Commissions. Applications due March 20th.

Mountain View -- Currently accepting applications for Parks and

Recreation Commission and the Senior Advisory Committee.

San Carlos -- Currently accepting applications for Residential Design

Review and Transportation Committee

Los Altos -- Accepting applications for several commissions including Parks

and Recreation, Design Review, Environmental and Financial. Applications

due February 27, 2018.

Is one of these positions right for you or a woman you know? Send us an email for more information about additional open positions and let's get started!

STOP READING...Take action!

WIRE's goal is to increase our membership each quarter this year and we need your help.

Forward this newsletter to 10 friends today.

Follow us on social media: WIRE for Women on Facebook; Follow us on Twitter.

Fill out the member survey and join the mailing list here.

We need City Captains. They are responsible for connecting with, organizing and motivating women in their cities to run for office or apply for appointed positions. City Captains maintain election calendars and know when appointed positions will come available. A passion for networking is all that it takes! It's a great door opener for meeting people, including women

already in power!

Looking for another way to volunteer? We need help with the database of elected or appointed offices, website/logo design, writing/editing, and the volunteer committee. Email us at

What's Happening at WIRE?

WIRE is on the move in 2018. Here's what we are working on right now. Join us! WIRE's website is being built by volunteers. We need your help if you have web, writing and related skills. Stay tuned for launch soon.

WIRE is building a complete list of all open positions (elected and appointed) by city in Santa Clara and San Mateo counties.

If you are considering running for elective office, please join us Saturday, February 17 for a Candidate Forum hosted by Vicki Venkeer. Email us for more information.

If you would like to be a WIRE City Captain, you are invited to a meeting/training for City Captains on March 9, 2018. Email us for more information:

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