Board Member Election Announcement

The WIRE for Women bylaws require that our members be solicited annually for the names of individuals who may be interested in serving on its Board of Directors.

We welcome broad participation from our members in all of our activities. Please notify us by May 10th at ( if you are interested in sitting on the Board of Directors or would like to volunteer to help in any of the following categories:

  • Recruiting & Mentoring 2020 candidates for elected and appointed positions

  • Technical Support - Data collection & website management

  • Marketing Strategy - Assist in spreading the word about WIRE in the two counties in which we work

  • WIRE Newsletter and Website - Create marketing & promotional materials

  • Social Media - Curate & prepare content to expand WIRE’s mission

  • Speakers Bureau - Schedule speaking engagements and/or be a WIRE ambassador to local community groups

Members of the WIRE Board:

Cathy Boone, Palo Alto

Diane Sheardown, San Carlos

Jessica Moore, Burlingame

Katherine Loarie, Palo Alto,

Kathy Anderson, Emerald Hills

Lorin Flynn, San Carlos

Emily Lo, Saratoga

Virginia Chang-Kiraly, Menlo Park

Emily Matthews, Burlingame

WIRE is a nonpartisan organization comprised of women and men committed to increasing the number of women in appointed and elected office in San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties. WIRE identifies and recruits candidates for public office and supports their efforts by providing a broad network of resources. We are located in the San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA.


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