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The WIRE Mentor Program is a key component of our network of resources. Volunteer Mentors are available to help candidates on a one-to-one basis on subjects such as how to write a campaign plan, how to raise funds, how to get the candidate’s message out to voters, and other crucial skills.

The Mentor Process is Simple

WIRE acts as a clearinghouse for connecting candidates with mentors. Candidates make specific requests for assistance by using the WIRE Candidate Questionnaire, and then mentors who possess the requested expertise are matched individually with candidates to assist them. The service is free to candidates. 

WIRE Mentors help candidates organize an effective campaign & offer assistance in:


  • Campaign Planning

  • Campaign Materials

  • Endorsements: How to get them & how to use them 

  • Fundraising

  • Public Speaking

  • Policy Research

  • Social Media

  • Tech issues & website design

  • School Board Issues

How the Mentor Process Works

  • Candidate contacts WIRE requesting help

  • Candidate completes a Candidate Questionnaire which provides details on the Candidate, who she is, what she is running for, why she is running, help needed, etc.

  • The Candidate’s Questionnaire is shared with a Mentor who has the requisite skill. Then the Candidate and Mentor meet and together they determine how best to organize their relationship going forward.

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