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WIRE hosts community events in San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties to encourage women to run for elected office or to seek appointment to a local government commission. At these events, experienced office holders share their personal stories and inspire other women to serve in public office.

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WIRE Founder Carol Mayer Marshall introduces panel of current and former elected officials to talk about opportunities to serve on the boards of special districts, which provide essential community services, such as water, sanitation, and fire protection. 

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Seasoned office holders share personal stories about their quest for public office and their experiences serving on city councils or on local government commissions.

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At our forum on special districts, former city council members visit with Nancy Magee, who was elected in June 2018 to serve as the San Mateo County Superintendent of Schools

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Community members enjoy meeting elected office holders and each other at WIRE’s October 2019 event held to spark women’s interest in running for elected or appointed local offices.


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