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Tips for successful campaigning and recruiting

Deciding whether or not to run for office?

  1. Motivation: Know why you are running: what do you want to accomplish?

  2. Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your opponent(s).

  3. Do you have the necessary time and family support?

  4. Do you have a solid base of supporters who will help you?

Should I run?

Tips for successful fundraising

Fundraising simplified!
  1. Make a budget. Know how much you need to raise and for what purpose.

  2. Compile your "ask list."

    • Tier One: Best friends and family members.​

    • Tier Two: Acquaintances - People you work with, volunteer with, party with, pray with, play games with, your dentist, doctor, dry cleaner, etc.

    • Tier Three: Cold calls - Local political donors, public servants, and local well-known and respected citizens.

  3. The Ask: Explain why you are running and what you want to achieve in office. Then make a direct ask for a specific amount. 

  4. Send thank you notes whether the person gave or not. 

Still need help? Contact WIRE and request a "fundraising mentor."

Public Speaking Tips

  1. Always stand up when speaking and use a mike when available.                   

  2. State your name and where you are from, what you are running for and why, and what you want to change and/or accomplish

  3. Ask for their vote and support

  4. Thank them for listening and provide a handout; such as a brochure, business card, or remit envelope.

  5. Practice your speech on friends and family and keep it to   NO MORE than 20-30 seconds.

Speak Up!

Tips for Candidate Recruitment

the cause!

You may not wish to seek an appointive or elected office at this time. But if you share WIRE's mission to see more women in office, help us recruit! Here's how:

  1. Women need to be asked. Ask a woman to run for a city or county commission, or for a school board, a city council or a Special District.

  2. Women need to know they are qualified. Explain why you think she has the skills to run for office and why/how she can achieve her policy goals more successfully from the “inside."

  3. Women need active encouragement. Ask others to encourage the prospective candidate to run.

  4. Women need to know they are not alone. Tell the prospect about WIRE and how WIRE volunteers can help her with all aspects of running a political campaign.

“Women belong in all places

where decisions are being made.”

 -Ruth Bader Ginsburg

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