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WIRE was founded in the spring of 2017 to address Gender Inequity in politics.  

A group of 32 women in Menlo Park first met in August of 2016 concerned about inequality of representation at all levels; local and national.  The group decided to meet again after the Presidential election to decide what actions might be taken to alleviate the issue. After the election, women were marching and protesting the results of the 2016 election, which underscored the urgency to address Gender Inequity. 


It was in this post-election environment that WIRE, Women who Identify, Recruit & Elect, was founded. As many state and national groups with the aim to elect more women already exist, there was a need and opportunity to work at the local, nonpartisan level.  


WIRE for Women seeks to accomplish two goals:

  1. Appoint and elect more women to local office, to increase the number of women in the pipeline for higher offices.

  2. Establish a mechanism whereby women can help other women achieve important local public service positions.



WIRE seeks proportional representation of women by creating a pipeline of women starting in local public offices.


WIRE’s Vision is a world where the number of women holding appointive & elective public office is at least proportional to the number of women in the population. We believe that better public policy decisions are made when all segments of the community are fully represented in the process.


WIRE’s Mission is a nonpartisan effort to Identify, Recruit & Elect women candidates and offer information on current available opportunities. We support these efforts by providing free campaign advice and mentoring. WIRE has no issue-based litmus tests and it does not endorse candidates or provide funding.

WIRE is nonpartisan and has no litmus test.  

WIRE is a nonpartisan organization that works only with nonpartisan elected offices and appointive offices in San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties. WIRE is a volunteer organization and all services are free.


WIRE members identify women who are interested in and qualified for appointive or elective office.


WIRE members provide information on all upcoming elective and appointive openings and recruit women for these opportunities to serve.


WIRE members help women get elected or appointed by volunteering their expertise on a wide range of campaign operations through WIRE workshops and the WIRE Mentor program.  


Join us!  Become a member. 


We invite all women and men who agree with our mission to become a member of the WIRE network, which primarily means signing up for our newsletter and other communications. There are no dues.


We also invite members to help achieve our mission’s goals by volunteering to recruit candidates, mentor candidates or help with the management and operation of WIRE itself.

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